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Governor Mike DeWine (R)

Under a “Stay‑at‑home” directive, the Birthplace of Aviation has been a “locked” State, meaning Governor DeWine 1) issued statewide stay‑at‑home orders for some, if not all residents; and 2) forced the closure of various businesses, parks, restaurants, churches and schools for 57 days.

A total of 7 States have abstained from issuing residential lockdown orders: Arkansas, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. Of these, the Governor of South Dakota also refused to shutter businesses.

The State of Ohio has a statewide mask mandate currently in effect.

The Case Fatality Risk (CFR) for Ohio, which includes comorbidities is 1.29%. This means that 98.71% of COVID‑19 cases involving underlying health conditions are not fatal.

The adjusted Case Fatality Risk (CFR) for Ohio, which reflects deaths caused only by COVID‑19 is 0.06%. This means that 99.94% of cases where healthy people become infected are not fatal.

The Birthplace of Aviation has had a total of 653,650 confirmed cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 and 8,456 deaths from it.

Ohio participates in the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID‑19)‑Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network (COVID‑NET) with 10 counties reporting and 18% of the State population represented. The population is 11,689,100 people with a density of 284 people per mi².

The chance of a member of the general population getting COVID‑19 in the State of Ohio is 5.59%.

The risk of death to a member of the general population of Ohio from the coronavirus disease is 0.07%.

Ohio does not use the Exposure Notifications System (ENS) API co‑developed by Apple and Google.

The Birthplace of Aviation currently has a travel advisory for 15 affected States: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee and Utah. Those entering Ohio from an affected State are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days.


We are not doctors, and none of us play one on TV.  Please make no medical or travel decisions based on this data alone because hardly any of it agrees.  Between HHS, the CDC, State governments, Johns Hopkins and others—there’s little consensus.